Weekly Energy Updates – March 26th to April 1st, 2012

Universal core extensions of Light consciousness take place this week as the energy changes that opened up over the weekend (March 24th) have allowed for extensive activity to now take place in your life.  Let the energy in !  You have uprooted some very old considerations of yourself both from the perspective of the personality incarnate and the Causal body activity which is stored in the akashic records.  Recalling your gifts and applying them for this lifetime in different expressions..for modern day..is strong.  Keep in mind that not only are you changing and evolving as an Ego incarnate but your Master Soul Personality or Causal body is also evolving and changing.  Experience is being sought and with the old programs closing so quickly, one would think that we would all welcome these changes with open arms.  However, many are uncertain still that change is good and that it offers a life here on earth that is so much better than the one  we are living or have lived in the past.  The Solar activity that you have been hearing about in the Solar system has tremendous impact on your own evolving ego personality and we are told that with each expansion or extension, the uprooting inside of us is felt more and more deeply and profoundly.  This is a good thing for each of us as the Universal energies do pass through the heart chakra thus love, as always, does prevail.

Now how we handle this must be the focus of our discussion this day.  The construct of your aura must be malleable enough to the Soul changes offered thus your 4 lower bodies (physical/etheric, emotional, intellectual and intuitive/will body) must all be attended to by you.  No neglecting any part.  This continues to build a very stable realization of Self here on earth.  You feel more empowered.   Any obstacle in your path does not seem so ominous and you have the skills to surmount them.  Now one more thing though…while your personality is more malleable to the Soul…you are still building a strong aura that ensures your boundaries while dealing with life experiences here on earth.  (You can use the visualization of the BLUE band around the outside of the psychic body..like an ovoid or egg shape band above your head to below your feet.  This will help you to not take on energies that are not your own)

You may have noticed that the Moon, Venus and Jupiter displayed themselves again in close proximity with the repeated message of focusing on that which the moon influence lifts up and out of your emotional body,  that is to be transformed.  Venus (Intuitive Will/inspirational, creative) is helping you to continue to re-create yourself….and Jupiter (Spiritual Will and Soul Purpose) is guiding you and impressing upon your mind to continue to focus on your goals.   Even if you have not figured out quite yet that which you call Soul purpose…know that you are being assisted in finding this realization of Self and it is best to seek this in meditation.  You just need to step up in your Inner Temple and ask the questions within of the Master Soul Personality.  This level steps down to you the directives, plans and blueprint for your life here on earth.  You have planned all of this quite carefully!  Ask and you shall receive.

In conclusion, while you are going to experience increased energy pulsations from the Higher dimensions of our Universal consciousness, the feeling of uprooting and moments of “so-called” floating thoughts/feelings may be felt.  These are the loosening of the old ties to energy restrictions you have created for yourself..and the re-configuration towards a more solid alignment with the true nature of your Soul’s Will.  If you catch yourself experiencing these “in between” or transitional moments….stop and breathe deeply and regroup your thoughts…directing them towards harnessing and alignment to the Soul’s Light within you.  You can even do a brief visualization of your Soul energy about your head (like the Sun) …breathe…and as you exhale..let the energy flow down through your chakras …right through to your feet ..and ground.  It will feel much more stabilizing and encourages a quicker bridging to the Higher levels of Self. Get outdoors and take in the awakening cycle!  All is in Divine Order !

In Peace and in Light,


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