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Kathy Roseborough, Intuitive, Teacher and Healer of esoteric principles has dedicated over 25 years to her work in the field of spiritual healing.  With studies on going, Kathy continues to receive guidance from the Ascended Teachers and Divine Intelligences for ways and means of distributing knowledge and techniques to her students and clients. Her courses have been “Intuitively channelled” as she has skilled clairsentience to bring in the highest and purest of teachings available.  Each of her guided meditations is recorded “in the moment” real time so that everyone benefits immediately from the healing energies that are emanated from the Inner Temple.

Blog – providing you with weekly energy updates that influence your life !

The Blog offers unique insights as well as tools and techniques consciously received from Higher Intelligence in preparation for the Golden Age, to assist those who wish to enter into these higher Light bands of vast Cosmic Intelligence.

It is our goal to ensure that all visitors to this site will leave with a broader perspective and greater understanding of this Glorious time in the Turning of the Great Wheel.

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